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Tube Resistors

This series of products is broken down into single, double and multiple tube resistors. These distinctions alone indicate the flexibility of this series. 


In all of these products, a resistor coil is attached to ceramic tubes with a variety of diameters. This can also be implemented with low induction. Clamps, which also act as electrical connections, secure the resistor wire at each end of the coil. 


Thermal switches allow the resistor to be thermally monitored.


The long service life of the resistor is ideal for the following 




  •  Braking and chopper resistors for frequency inverters
  •  Series and limiting resistors
  •  Charging and discharging resistors
  •  Load and testing resistors
  •  Damping resistors


In the following industries:


  • Drive controllers
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electricity grids


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