Plate Resistors

The high energy absorption capacity of our steel grid  resistors with elements made of high-alloy, heat-resistant metal panels says a great deal in their favor. Slits machined on both sides create a meander-shaped current path. The resistance value is determined by the width of the rail. The elements are reinforced with stainless steel bars and underlaid with micanite strips on both elongated  sides. Up to 40 resistor elements can be installed as  required on support bolts that are insulated with mica tubes. Adjacent elements are insulated from one another via ceramic sleeves, and the current is passed on through stainless steel rolls. Plate resistors are used as brake and start resistors, as load and test resistors, as well as filter and damping resistors. The steel grid elements are used in neutral earthing resistors.



technical data
Resistance values 0.1 – 100 Ω
Continuous power 5 kW – 60 kW
Protection class IP00 – IP23


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